Heart of Soquel Park and Parking Improvement Project

Project Description: Completed in Spring of 2015, the Heart of Soquel Park and Parking improvement project is located in Soquel Village to the east of Porter Street, south of Soquel Drive and borders a portion of Soquel Creek. The project includes a walkway along the top bank of Soquel Creek, a community open plaza and other open space, better visual, pedestrian, bicycle and vehicular access into this portion of Soquel Village from Porter Street and Soquel Drive. The project incorporates best management practices and Low Impact Development stormwater practices such as rain gardens, permeable surfaces and riparian restoration to improve water quality and natural habitat.

Location: Soquel, CA

Project Type: Bioretention, Swales, Pervious Concrete and Pavers

Designs: SSA Landscape Design Architects Incorporated (download designs)

Installation: Completed Spring 2015

Funding: County of Santa Cruz and Proposition 84 Stormwater Grant funds.


  • CEQA – Mitigated Negative Declaration
  • County of Santa Cruz – Riparian Exception, Grading Permit, and Building Permit
  • Park Master Development Permit

This project also complies with the County of Santa Cruz Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance (WELO) and the Soquel Creek Water District Landscape Ordinance.

Contact Info: Sheryl Bailey