Brommer Park Recharge Project

Project Description: This project was installed at Brommer Park, located on the corner of 30th Avenue and Brommer Street in Live Oak. The site was identified as having high groundwater recharge potential based on its geology and because it overlies the Purisima formation, an important water supply aquifer for the City of Santa Cruz and Soquel Creek Water Districts. Prior to installation of the project, all of the stormwater runoff from the park was conveyed to Rodeo Creek through storm drains with no opportunity for recharge.

The parking lot runoff now drains through curb cuts (lower left photo) into vegetated swales that help filter the runoff. To promote deep infiltration, the swales are also connected to a distribution box that leads to gravel filled seepage pits—also called dry wells—located in the turf area adjacent to the parking lot. The system is designed to recharge runoff from approximately 99% of all storm events occurring over the park catchment area.

Location: Santa Cruz, CA

Project Type: Bio-retention, Drywells

Designs: Fall Creek Engineering: Download a Copy

Installation: Earthworks Paving, Fall 2015

Funding: County of Santa Cruz and Proposition 84 Stormwater Grant funds.


  • CEQA – Categorical Notice of Exemption
  • County of Santa Cruz – Grading Permit
  • U.S. Environmental Protection Agency – Class V Injection Well

Contact Info: Sierra Ryan